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How to disable flash uploader Magento

Posted on : 30-07-2012 | By : Paolo Iannelli | In : Magento

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How to Disable flash uploader Magento

Tired of that the buggy flash uploader in Magento ?

Do you want just a simple HTML form to upload your pictures and to know how to disable flash uploader Magento?

Be wise, install this plugin and all your troubles are gone away !


Key for connect 2.0

If you want to save time you can use the following key in Magento Connect to install the plugin directly :

  • http://connect20.magentocommerce.com/community/Dull_Uploader

Why disable the flash uploader?

The uploader relays on Flash Player, that might not be available if you are posting from a computer that isn’t yours. Moreover, is well known that sometimes can cause strange errors very difficult to debug, causing you spending lot of time to fix the upload of images!

Enjoy it !

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