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Added new page for Disco Map Reduce with Bootstrap

Posted on : 03-02-2013 | By : Paolo Iannelli | In : BigData, Python, Software Development

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I just added a new page to my bootstrap implementation of Disco (http://www.discoproject.org) Map/Reduce Framework.

The reason why I’m implementing this nice dashboard (although I’m not a Frontend Developer and I know just enough about this field) is to increase awareness of this amazing tool and increase the overall visibility of the project in the Interwebs.

Source is my fork at GitHub, but be aware that many things might not work or look very crappy : it is a “in-development” work, so if you have any issues blame yourself :)

Here are few screenshots :


Disco Dashboard with Bootstrap

Disco Dashboard with Bootstrap

Disco Failed Job with Bootstrap

Disco Failed Job with Bootstrap


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