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Paolo Iannelli

Big Daddy at Mega Labs

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands
Information Technology and Services
C, Python, Big Data, Scalability, High Availability, Performance
Expert Software Engineer with more than 12 years of experience.
Strong in critical thinking, problem solving and high performance architectures.
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Recommendations for Paolo Iannelli

“Paolo is one of the smartest people I know. Working with him on several BigData projects within the company he never failed to amaze me with his vast knowledge on the topic and the speed with which he realized complex map/reduce jobs and fine-tuning the databases to allow for the quickest possible queries. I would really enjoy working with Paolo again and can highly recommend him!”
October 27, 2012

Peter Lorent,
Owner, Peter Lorent Creative Technology

“Paolo is a IT professional with a preference for a structured but minimalistic approach. At Spil Games he worked on data processing for our analytics platform, and knows how to translate business requirements into technical solutions. His code is currently being used to process tens of billions of rows of data per month, in near real-time, on limited hardware. I would be happy to work with Paolo again.” October 15, 2012

Gerron Mulder SEO & Web Analytics Manager, SPIL GAMES

“I worked together with Paolo since April 1st, first of all he’s a good friend, but also a very professional colleague. every time I had questions, about either python, bash, C, RabbitMQ and a lot more, he was always able to help out.

He’s a specialist in software development, and knows how to solve problems.

It was really awesome to work together with him even for that short time! I recommend this guy, specially if you like to talk about coffee and food, then he’s the right guy.” October 14, 2012

Lucas Rolff Performance Engineer, Spil Games

“Paolo is a great guy to work with. He knows his stuff and much more, a devoted guy to overcome challenges and issues that arise in automating advanced technical processes. As Hosting Operations team leader I invoked Paolo several times to overcome unforeseen issues at implementing new products. Because he understands all aspects of the wide and complex environments, combined with a good listener capability he was of great help within the organization during troubleshooting and solving the issues.” July 21, 2012

Jeroen KuijkTeamleader Hosting Operations & Support department, LeaseWeb B.V.

“I’ve been working with Paolo at Leaseweb in an agile development project.

Paolo is an IT specialist in development who has a very broad knowledge of software development and uses this knowledge to translate complex technical issues to solutions. And he does the work like it seems very easy. His hands really fly over his keyboard.

He is very interested in the latest trends in software development and is really up-to-date on the latest news. As a tester I was very happy to have him on the team, because he is very interested in ways to test the work from his development perspective. He has a quality approach on developing software and was the promotor in the team for (for example) test driven development (first test, then script).

He understands that quality is for a big part a communication issue and agreed on doing product risks sessions with the team members, understands the importance of reviewing, discussing and working closely together.

He did also tune the coffee machines in the office, so the espresso that came out of it was really great! He’s got also a great sense of humor, and that helps in difficult times.

So here you have it, high intelligence, great sense of humor, passion in his trade and a great coffee specialist too. I recommend Paolo if you’re in need of a pasionate developer. I hope to meet him again in the future.” December 21, 2011

Rob van SteenbergenSenior tester & consultant, Leaseweb

“Paolo is a really open-minded person that shows great interest in technology. He is also highly skilled and an excelent coworker. His high dedication with all the above skills makes Paolo one of the best professionals I’ve worked with.” December 2, 2011

Carlos Juzarte RoloSenior Software and System Engineer, LeaseWeb B.V.

“I have worked with Paolo for 2 years and he never let me down. He is very smart and intelligent engineer, who can find himself in every task, whatever it is programming or system administration issues or hardware. He always sticks to the rules and has control over the situation.” December 5, 2011

Marek GajdaSoftware Developer & Team Leader, XSolve sp. z o.o.

“Paolo is a dedicated hard working colleague, always there to help out other employees. During my internship at LeaseWeb i learned many things from him,
he’s a great programmer who plans his actions two steps ahead.
When nobody can solve the problem… Paolo can!” December 2, 2011

Jeroen StolpSoftware Developer, LeaseWeb B.V.

“For 6 months I’ve worked with Paolo on a new big project at Leaseweb. This project requires a broad set of skills. Paolo surprised me with his knowledge about a wide range of relating technologies. Paolo’s is a quick learner, has good architectural insights and sees the impact of technical decisions upfront. Had an interesting period and hope to work with Paolo again.” December 2, 2011

Wijnand TopInnovation Engineer, LeaseWeb B.V.

“Having worked with Paolo for the past 10 months he always striked me as a sharp and keen on his job guy enjoying what he was working at.
Paolo has proven many to have in-depth technical knowledge in IT related subjects.
I would highly recommend Paolo to any employer ready to challenge him at some exciting project.” December 7, 2011

Jakub MikusekSystems Administrator, LeaseWeb B.V.

“I had the privilege of working with Paolo Iannelli as Change & Release Manager at Ocom Leaseweb. Paolo is well educated, smart and broad-minded Senior Developer who can be trusted and is a Reliable colleague. Result driven, precise and energetic Senior Programmer, with good sense of humor. It’s an authentic pleasure working with him as he is an independent developer who distinguishes himself from the rest, with his creative solution-wise thinking. Give him a task and he gets the job done at full satisfaction!”September 2, 2011

Matthijs NoordeloosChange & Release Manager, Ocom / Leaseweb

“I have worked with Paolo long time and in different companies.. Paolo has a vast and in deep technical knowledge and the ability to look everything from different perspectives and points of view. This abilities make Paolo not only a excellent developer but also a capable project manager. Moreover his capabilities reflects in his job with top notch performance and high quality. Paolo is also able to understand at first sight people’s attitude and capabilities making him a good teamleader/people manager. At a personal level i appreciate Paolo’s balance to be a really serious and trustable person together with a joyful and cheerful character. Working with Paolo is always a pleasure as he brings company and teams high value, knowledge and positive spirit. I would definitely recommend him to any company that wants to be always one step above.” July 18, 2011

Nadir MonacoAccount Manager, LeaseWeb B.V.

“I have worked with Paolo in various large projects and it has always been a great pleasure! Paolo immediately grasps requirements – as well as what’s behind them. He is one of the rare developers who actually *think* with you, point out potential flaws and suggest alternatives. This in combination with his fast yet thorough programming skills truly make Paolo stand out! I hope I can work with him again in future projects.” July 26, 2010

Thorsten EinigProduct Manager, LeaseWeb B.V.

“Paolo is a very good professional in the field of software engineering in terms of skills and attitude. Since I started to work in the same team with Paolo I was impressed by his ability to adapt very fast to new technologies and his problem solving skills. Also a fast learner and one other important thing is the quality of his work. His ability to work efficiently under stressful deadlines tells a lot about his hard work and determination.
I would sincerely recommend his work and it has been a pleasure working with him.”December 1, 2011

Andreea LetaSoftware Developer, LeaseWeb B.V.

“I’ve worked with Paolo for 2 years at Leaseweb, during this period I’ve experienced him as a dedicated professional with an enormous amount of technical knowledge. Paolo has extensive experience as a project lead and is able to guide his team to successfully complete very complex technical projects.” December 6, 2011

Michael WullinkSoftware Developer, LeaseWeb B.V.

“Paolo is a great Software Developer with a high potential for our Company, he is focused and has the capability to make a success of all the projects he is working on. He can combine technical skills with a human factor and is still growing in his role. Hope he will find the challenge for a long time at LeaseWeb because he is a valuable developer to our Company.” May 24, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Vyvyan Gonzales hired Paolo as a Recruiter in 2010

“Paolo is – in addition to a pleasant fellow and a very good programmer – in the possession of the rare quality as a programmer not to get bogged down in the code or technology, but to focus on the goals of an organization. Moreover, his personality allows him to think in terms of solutions and to participate pro-actively in projects. Paolo is therefore a valuable colleague in an ambitious environment such as Leaseweb.” November 12, 2010

Bart DriesProvisioning manager, Leaseweb BV

“I know Paolo as a friendly person and a very skilled programmer who has a heart for his tasks.
On multiple occasions I worked with Paolo or requested his help with technical dificulties when it came to scripting.

He is dedicated to his task and while he offers you a working sollution, he still keeps on working on the project until he has a clean, fastworking sollution where he can say ‘this is nice code and works fast’

I was very happy with his help and scripts and would work with Paolo any day again.” June 27, 2010

Ronny RoethofUnix System Administrator, LeaseWeb B.V.