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Working Varnish configuration for New Relic

Posted on : 26-09-2012 | By : Paolo Iannelli | In : Linux administration, Monitoring, Performance Engineering, System Administration

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Enabling Request Queuing metric

If you ever wondered how to configure correctly varnish to work with New Relic; here is a quick snippet for you. Most of the code you find online doesn’t work, that’s the reason why I’m writing this post.

Just choose one of these versions, paste the code inside the first very lines of your vcl_recv sub and reload your configuration.

Compact version (spread across less lines)

Extended version (more readable but on more lines)

Reload your configuration file

Once you are done with the changes you will need to reload the configuration by triggering the following command:

If everything looks fine, then you have to restart varnish to apply the changes:

Working Varnish configuration for New Relic

If you don’t receive any error or warning message (and you shouldn’t) your job is done and you should be able to see the measurements on your New Relic interface. They will appear as “Request Queuing” metric.