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Paolo Iannelli

Sr. Software Engineer / Software Architect at LeaseWeb

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands
Information Technology and Services
Python, Big Data, Scalability, High Availability, Performance
Senior Software Engineer and Architect with more than 8 years experience.
Strong in critical thinking, problem solving and high performance architectures.
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Who am I ?

Hello all !

As you probably spotted, my name is Paolo :)

I’m Italian, born in Messina (Sicily) 29 years ago and currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, since few years.

I’m a technology enthusiast since I was a child, an IT professional since many many years and a mad scientist on spare time.

There are too many things I’m interested on, so I won’t write any single line about them : from time to time I will write an adequate post about whatever puzzle (or has puzzled) me in my daily life.

Ok ok, just to not be jerk all the time, I will make a nice (short) list of what I like :

  • Hanging out with friends
  • Cooking !
  • Photography
  • Electronics and Embedded devices (design, programming, realization)
  • Problem solving
  • Big Data
  • C !
  • High performance, high scalability applications
  • Automation
  • Learning
  • Team couching / building
  • Data transmission security
  • Earth, Universe, Matter
  • Quantum mechanics

I hope this blog will be helpful to anyone browsing it and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to drop me some lines using the “Feedback” form.